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    My descent down the Ducati rabbit hole,

    building, racing and improving my track bikes:

    1989 Ducati 851/926

    2005 Ducati 749R

    Ducati 749R/999RS project






















    "It's Italian, if it starts it'll win...."







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    "By seeking and blundering we learn"

    -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Just a word of caution here: I am no expert, so I'm big on blundering.

    But over the years I've paid a heap of money to supposed professionals to screw things up on my behalf, now I figure I'd rather just leave out the middle man and screw things up myself, at least I'll learn something from it.

    So what you see on these pages is almost certainly not "best practice", it's just a bloke pottering in his shed, learning as he goes. So consider this a cautionary tale. I frustrate the hell outta myself, so I can only imagine what it must be like for a "normal" person reading about the trevails of someone who is obviously not the brightest light on the Christmas tree.....

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    Ducati's? What can I say? I love 'em, but it ain't easy.


    You want "mindfulness"? Build/race Ducati's, you'll struggle to think of anything else.
    What's that? You only want good thoughts? Best you look elsewhere....
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